11 Sure-Fire Ways to Accelerate the Pace of Innovation

Posted October 28, 2016 by Toni Cerbo

Students work as a team to crack the code during the 2016 Houston STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience.


Ten80 Education is currently planning the 2017 STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience national tour. High school students in 11 cities across the U.S. will engage in a fast-paced day of enterprise and engineering processes that are at the core of STEM innovation. During the event, 700-1000 students participate in workshops focused on race engineering, coding and automation, data-driven design, business and leadership. Students are often taking their first steps toward cultivating the confidence and intellectual growth that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges and create innovative solutions.

60% of all participants broadened their understanding of STEM as something that isn’t isolated to future engineers, technicians and scientists.

Since the inception of the STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience in 2012 we have introduced over 40,000 high school students from across the country to enterprise and engineering processes. Since our first event in Boston, our outreach numbers have grown exponentially. Ten80 Education is growing at the rate of 1000 new students each month through a combination of competitions and classroom courses.

40% leave the event feeling for the FIRST time that STEM is relevant to their lives.

Ten80 Education events are quickly becoming a destination point for students of all cultures, genders and socio-economic backgrounds accommodating a variety of skill levels and interests. Ten80 National STEM Challenges are certified by Change the Equation as an exemplary, research-based and ready-to-scale STEM program, an endorsement awarded only four programs in the nation.

As a woman-led business, Ten80 Education’s diverse team of scientists, engineers and educators know that cultivating a STEM-literate public is critical to America’s future prosperity.  As an organization Ten80 strives to help students cultivate STEM literacy and skills with the same rigor, passion and investment that we show for sports.  We are passionate about expanding access and participation in STEM learning, especially among nontraditional STEM audiences, because we believe it is relevant to the lives of ALL students.

Contact us at partner@ten80education.com to learn how you can help inspire students to engage in the process of innovation as a partner in a STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience.


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