Ten80 and Couragion Partner to Increase Awareness of STEM Education and Career Readiness

Posted November 7, 2016 by Toni Cerbo


SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (November 7, 2016) – Ten80 Education and Couragion, an innovative ed-tech company based in Denver, announced a cross-promotional partnership to increase access and participation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while giving students a clear pathway toward their future.

“We’re excited to partner with Couragion to support STEM career exploration and channel student interest into real academic, emotional and professional success,” said Terri Stripling, CEO and President of Ten80 Education. “This partnership extends STEM learning by offering students, especially those currently under-represented in STEM, greater resources and more direct pathways to explore in-demand careers in high-growth industries.”

Inspiring underrepresented populations to pursue STEM education and attracting and retaining STEM talent.

This partnership helps Ten80 fulfill its vision of expanding equity and opportunity, especially among non-traditional STEM audiences, to mentors and programs that help youth get exposed to and excited about STEM careers.

Couragion transforms career planning with real role models who exemplify STEM career pathways. Providing a diverse representation of role models challenges stereotypes around careers where some groups may traditionally be underrepresented. These career influencers help expand a young person’s scholastic and career options to spark their interest by just being themselves. In a learner-led environment, students experience firsthand a day in the life of STEM professionals. Through self-reflection quizzes and games, students discover and evaluate how these careers match their own values and interests. Using ongoing, personalized programming, Couragion helps students hone skills and make immediate progress towards their workforce readiness and employability.


Connecting students to real world STEM learning and career exploration

It’s a partnership that will allow Ten80 and Couragion to expand their efforts. It’s each and every one of us doing what we can do in our communities…to help youth succeed, academically, emotionally and professionally.

“Couragion and Ten80 share a mission to inspire students to pursue STEM-related careers by increasing the access and participation in STEM education,” said Melissa Risteff, Co-founder and CEO at Couragion. “I love the rigor and flexibility of Ten80 Education’s programming for educators and students. It allows students to collaborate in project based teams, engage in hands-on creation, and even compete in national STEM competitions.”

Eighty percent of the fastest growing occupations require mastery of math and science. In a society increasingly powered by STEM, Ten80 Education offers a suite of team-oriented Student STEM Challenges that build a foundation for long range success in mathematics and problem solving. Couragion’s interactive application provides a ‘behind the scenes’ look at top STEM jobs and the career pathways to obtaining them.


Couragion is different because their data-driven approach improves the perception and awareness of STEM careers and 90% of their students believe that Couragion is better than other tools they’ve used.

Through cross promotion, Ten80 Education and Couragion will reach more students and educators efficiently, credibly and memorably, while also empowering all young people to understand and maximize their potential as critical thinkers, leaders and productive citizens in a prosperous society.

To learn more about Couragion’s fun and engaging app that exposes students to STEM careers using videos, games and self-reflection quizzes, please visit http://www.couragion.com/.

About Couragion
Couragion inspires students to pursue STEM pathways with a set of career readiness and youth development apps. Couragion is different because their data-driven approach improves the perception and awareness of STEM careers and 90% of their students believe that Couragion is better than other tools they’ve used. Couragion is supported by the National Science Foundation and AT&T. Check out their YouTube channel to hear from their happy educators directly!

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