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Saint Louis, Missouri September 14, 2016
Race Workshop -Learning STEM with some friendly competition

Exposure to entrepreneurial thinking is often limited or absent from formal education although it is imperative to our future economy to create opportunities that leads to new and different businesses which has the potential to become future jobs. Ten80 Innovators-In-Training seeks to meet this need by exposing students to enterprising ideas from computer coding, game design as well as United States Patent and Trademark copyright laws. Thousands of students from large public schools, private schools, magnet schools and home schools all participated in the Innovators-In-Training tours throughout the country. Participants were asked to think big and develop a way to solve a problem through an innovation, product or service that is meaningful to them. All teachers who participated in these tours received access to Enterprise and Innovation curriculum course to support students achieve their big ideas. Ten80’s Enterprise and Innovation provides clear lessons on Project management, engineering design cycle, business modeling, public relations and marketing. Schools who met specified criteria also received access to the Student Racing Challenge curriculum, competition and equipment. This furthers students entrepreneurial thinking because the overall goal in the Student Racing Challenge is to create a technology business through the venue of racing. Please visit the website events page to find a local Innovators-In-Training near you.



Cleveland, Ohio September 28, 2016  
Gaming Workshop – Exposure to Coding through Game Design




Houston Texas October, 5 2016 
Leadership Workshop – Learning how to Pitch an idea and demonstrating leadership skills



Denver, Colorado October 12, 2016 
Innovators Workshop – Collaborating on 
how to convince others to invest in their ideas



Indianapolis, Indiana October 19, 2016
Access to STEM Professionals and equipment at Don Schumacher Racing



Miami, Florida November 9, 2016
Combining Leadership, Coding, Gaming, Intellectual Property, Pitch, STEM racing workshops to spark the potential innovator in each of us. That is hope in the Innovators-In-Training Tours

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