Invitationals- Healthy Dose of Competition

Posted December 21, 2016 by TEN80


#RC Kings Team from Miami Springs Senior H.S. Miami Invitational Fall 2016

Regional competitions allow students to participate in a healthy dose of competition where the focus is on improvement and not just to wining. When schools only participate in competitions for the solitary goal of just winning students miss out. Because in real-life, we are not entitled to always win. Learning through failures allows students to develop a sense of grit and perseverance whereas not allowing students to compete due to fear of failure may further inhibit kids from taking healthy risks in their future. This type of thinking is often touted in the growth mindset dialogue that is happening throughout the country. When students compete in the Student Racing Challenge they should know that their cars may break, batteries may die in a race, presentations may not go as smoothly as possible and within all of those inconvenient moments there are great lessons to be learned.

We hope your team participates in a local Invitational or hosts one if there isn’t one on the calendar yet. We believe that these competitions teach more than just STEM but life lessons in cooperation, teamwork, curiosity, hard-work and respect. Check out the events calendar on Ten80 education for the latest updates on Invitationals in your area



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