A Look Back at the 2016 National STEM Tour

Posted December 12, 2016 by Toni Cerbo


STEM education involves more than just science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of looking at the world. It encourages students to make connections and actively participate in the innovation process.

The STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience national tour exemplifies Ten80’s commitment to inspire all students to engage in STEM learning. More than 10,000 students across the U.S. participate in the enterprise and engineering processes that are often at the core of STEM innovation.

Hands-on, minds-on project-based STEM activities equip students with the mental tools needed to face the complex, fast-changing nature of today’s information-based economy.

Recapping Spring 2016

Ten80 kicked off 2016 at the college football Army All American Bowl in San Antonio. Outfitted in brightly colored team t-shirts, students rotated through hands-on, interdisciplinary workshops.

A month later, high schoolers in Portland, Oregon used skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and communication – which are integral to all fields of study and careers. Ten80 provided content and support allowing students to channel their inspirations into real academic and emotional success.

Ten80 kicked into high speed in March allowing thousands of students in Boston and New York City to put STEM skills into action with the support of U.S. Army and local professionals.

Boston area students worked in groups on computer science and robotics, race engineering, as well as energy and transportation challenges, students immediately applied lessons learned to pitch an idea for their new invention or innovation.

DJ Crespo mixed it up in New York City as more than 1200 students got to know the technology and engineering principles behind different concepts and how to deliver a successful pitch to sell an idea, product or process.

Students got an exciting jump start on their path to success in the Windy City, Chicago. All students – not just above-average students or students planning to pursue a STEM degree – were exposed to the endless possibilities of a STEM education.

Students and educators were bursting with enthusiasm as Ten80 brought STEM to life. Ten80 helps every student cultivate 21st Century skills and a willingness to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Recapping Fall 2016

With summer quickly coming to an end, students in St. Louis got motivated as they engaged in challenging STEM activities. Throughout the day, Ten80 addressed different concepts and skills to help students compete in the team-oriented innovation challenge.

The Cleveland panel reinforced students’ abilities to start designing, start making, start building, and start engineering.

In Houston, Ten80 engaged high school students in real, applied STEM learning and inspired them to get involved in STEM courses, clubs, and consider STEM careers. Workshops, like those from Rice University School Mathematics Project (RUSMP), helped students see the balance between STEM and art.

Hundreds of Denver-area students tackled STEM at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The stadium came alive as students discovered and developed skills needed to compete in the global economy. Female STEM professionals inspired students as they spoke about closing the gender gap in STEM and dismissed fears of pursuing STEM majors and careers.

Ten80 raced into Indianapolis giving students and their educators the opportunity to network with next-gen entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry professionals throughout this fast-paced day. Students engaged in different hands-on learning workshops focused on race engineering, coding and automation, design and fabrication to graphic design, marketing, community outreach and data-driven design projects.

Wrapping up the 2016 National Tour in sunny Miami, Ten80 brought STEM to life on a massive scale. Students learned about the four critical aspects of innovation: the engineering process, enterprise process, content & skills, and leadership.

Ten80 Education events have quickly become a destination point for students of all cultures, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds accommodating a variety of skill levels and interests.

Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

The STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences allows high school students across the country to participate in real world scenarios, assume STEM professional roles, and engage in critical thinking to create innovative solutions. Interdisciplinary approaches encourage students to use multiple disciplines to solve problems with an emphasis on the application of knowledge to real-life situations that are essential for the future of STEM education. Ten80 sends a powerful message to all students that STEM fields are important and accessible to all.

Thanks to sponsorship from the U.S. Army and regional sponsors coupled with a fantastic team of volunteers our team at Ten80 offers these STEM events free of charge. Tremendous thanks to all who have supported and continue to support these amazing events.

Looking Forward to 2017

Ten80 is excited to continue helping students take their first steps toward cultivating the confidence and intellectual growth that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges and create innovative solutions. We are pleased to announce the 2017 STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience national tour includes San Antonio, New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Raleigh, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and Indianapolis. We’ll see you there!

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