Intro to CS Course – New Modules and Enhanced Learning!

Posted February 2, 2017 by TEN80

Through the Intro to CompSci course, students will understand computational thinking, algorithms, binary and hexadecimal number systems and the integration of software with hardware. These are universal steps in coding. After mastering software and hardware, including basic circuitry lessons, the final challenge is a data driven design project to build an Arduino based “personal navigator” utilizing sensor integration and a Processing based GUI interface.

Ten80’s Intro to CompSci course has been expanded for 2017 with the addition of enhanced capstone projects, comprehensive assessment strategy, modules on developing graphical user interfaces and CS unplugged activities that further develop concepts like Computing Impact and managing Big Data. We will also be releasing a Wearables CS add-on module very soon!  Our Intro to CompSci course is offered for individual or classroom licenses!


The curriculum is mapped to Common Core Math and ELA and CSTA standards.

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