Spring Tour Engages Thousands of Students in STEM Learning

Posted June 15, 2017 by Toni Cerbo

The STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences challenged thousands of high school students from coast to coast. The fun and excitement of learning traveled to New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Philadelphia from March through May. Not only did Ten80 make STEM learning more interesting and relevant to the real world, but it also helped students discover and develop skills needed to compete in the global economy.

It was a busy day. After being inspired by Army Hero/Soldiers and STEM professionals during the panel discussions, students, outfitted in brightly colored team t-shirts, participated in different hands-on learning workshops in order to collaborate, create and compete in an optional Innovators-in-Training Challenges. These challenges invite students to continue the engagement in the weeks following the event. Resources are provided so this can always be 100% student-led – though mentoring always helps!

The events appeal to all – not just above-average students or students planning to pursue a STEM degree. As students rotated through hands-on, interdisciplinary workshops, they used skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork and communication – which are relevant to all fields of study and careers. Students got to experience the technology and engineering principles behind different concepts and how to deliver a successful pitch to sell an idea, product or process.

Throughout this fast-paced day, students and their educators networked with next-gen entrepreneurs, innovators and industry professionals.

Empowering the Next Generation of Innovators

The STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences allow high school students across the country to participate in real world scenarios, assume STEM professional roles and engage in critical thinking to create innovative and unique solutions. Interdisciplinary approaches urge students to use multiple disciplines to solve problems with an emphasis on the application of knowledge to real-life situations that are essential for the future of STEM education. Ten80 sends a powerful message to all students that STEM fields are important and accessible to all.

Helping us put the students first. Thanks to the support of the U.S. Army and regional sponsors coupled with a fantastic team of dedicated partners and volunteers our team at Ten80 offers these STEM events free of charge. Tremendous thanks to all who have supported and continue to support these amazing events.

Looking Forward to FALL 2017

Summer just started, but Ten80 is excited to continue helping students cultivate the confidence and intellectual growth that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges, create innovative solutions and have a blast while doing it.

It’s not about your everyday field trip. It’s about accelerating the pace of innovation and empowering students to be Next Gen STEM Leaders. The STEM Innovators-in-Training Experience is designed for high school students and geared towards upperclassmen. We have a great line-up of workshops including coding, game design, racing, robotics, enterprise and leadership. There is a place for all students to contribute to the hands-on, minds-on STEM activities.

The Fall tour continues with visits to Indianapolis, Dallas, Boston, Houston, Miami and Raleigh. With each new city we visit, we are bursting with enthusiasm to bring STEM to life, help every student cultivate 21st Century skills and a willingness to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Please join us in making a significant impact on STEM education and inspiring the next generation of students to choose a STEM career.

VIP Events Help Facilitate Conversations to Enhance STEM Ecosystems

The VIP Coffee & Conversation precedes the STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences. Whether you bring students or not, join our team and other regional influencers to share ideas, best practices and to maximize our collective impact in helping students engage in, love and learn from STEM education opportunities. Please join us in an action-oriented discussion on how this initiative can help enhance the existing STEM Ecosystem in your area.

Simply email your name and contact information to RSVP@ten80education.com so we can make sure there are enough coffee and pastries. Please put the appropriate city in the subject line and don’t forget to invite your colleagues, partners and friends that might be interested as well!

2017 has started off great! But, we’re only half way through the annual tour. Ten80 is very excited to continue to introduce students to a whole new world of STEM Innovation. Join us at one of our Fall 2017 STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences: Indianapolis, Dallas, Boston, Houston, Miami and Raleigh.

We’ll see you there!

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