School’s Out! Check Out Our Great Summer Camps

Posted July 24, 2017 by Toni Cerbo

It seems like Summer is racing by. School supplies and fall items are quickly filling retail shelves. But, it’s not too late to take advantage of summer break to build a love of learning and a strong foundation in STEM. Ten80’s Summer Camps are the perfect solution!

At the heart of our curriculum is the idea that all students are innovators. Instead of just memorizing material for a test, students will engage in hands-on activities such as reverse engineering using RC cars, computer programming to guide and build autonomous vehicles and more. Whether it’s hacking everyday objects to code and produce circuits or to build rovers and wearables, your students will gear up for an amazing school year.

Use the summer months to:

  • Reinforce and challenge students.
  • Foster a love of learning in STEM.
  • Boost understanding of core subject content.
  • Strengthen data-based decision making.
  • Build a foundation for long range success in mathematics and problem solving.


STEAMStart Camp for K-2

Introduce students to the world of true project based learning with STEAMStart. Begin with a story that leads to an engineering and design challenge. Young children use core skills in aesthetically beautiful project-based learning. Design process and fabrication of scale models develops logical decision-making. Students build spatial awareness; use math skills in real world challenges; develop problem-solving tools; increase manual dexterity and focus on attention to detail.

Driving STEM for Grades 3 – 5

Introduce math modeling through the excitement of racing with Driving STEM. Small radio controlled cars engage kids while building deeper understanding of STEM and teamwork. Support core curriculum requirements for inquiry based math modeling on a small-scale classroom race track.

Student STEM Challenge Camps for Grades 6-12

Participants use technology and apply science and math to maximize challenge scores. How teams optimize performance depends on your available technology and educational goals. Student STEM Challenge Camps are shortened versions of the full course curriculum, offering 30 contact hours of activity on average. The curriculum is designed for a 5-day format but can easily be modified to other schedules such as daily meetings over a month. Choose Student Racing Challenge, Student CompSci & Rover Challenge or Student Energy Challenge.

Ten80 is full of great options! Though the school bell may have stopped ringing, your kids can have a wild time making, building and creating. Ten80 Summer Camps are an exciting chance for students to have fun in the sun while staying cool in the classroom.

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