NSL Coaches: Get Your Competition On!

Posted August 28, 2017 by Toni Cerbo

Encourage your students to start earning points early – and often! Plan your participation in Ten80 head-to-head competitions for the 2017-18 National STEM League (NSL) season. It’s easy!

Integrate collaboration and competition through face-to-face contests. Open invitationals combine the excitement of head-to-head racing with the innovative energy of a high-tech STEM Fair and business startup.

The road to NSL Finals begins with winning regional invitationals!

Have you considered hosting an open invitational in your area? You should.

Besides saving time and money on travel, your team can go beyond competing within teams and functional teams in your own program. They can fight for the leading poll position as they test their metal against opposing teams in their neighborhoods. It’s easier than you think to race to the checkered flag and earn a spot at the NSL Finals.

Open invitationals allow students to showcase their skills and learn new ones, work with their peers and meet new friends, AND earn the invitation to go to the NSL Finals and compete for the title of Grand Champion! Top finishers from each open invitational are invited to the NSL Finals.

Consider becoming a Sanctioned Official

If you are passionate about coaching, mentoring and motivating young scientists and engineers, consider becoming a Sanctioned Official. Sanctioned Officials run NSL Open Invitationals and can present workshops on behalf of Ten80 Education.

In the words of a recent judge, “Judging the open invitational at our school was one of the most personally challenging and rewarding experiences I’ve had in some time. The students were amazing and the entire experience was fantastic!”

We strongly encourage active teachers and coaches in the NSL as well as retired teachers and consultants who support STEM initiatives to volunteer to serve as judges. Contact us to learn how you can make a significant impact on the STEM ecosystem in your community.

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