Ten80 Founder Invited to Keynote STEM Conference

Posted August 30, 2017 by Toni Cerbo

Beverly Simmons, Ten80’s founding educator and one of STEMconnectors 100 Women Leaders in STEM

With the rapid expansion of innovation in China, the inaugural MakerEdu Resource Developer Conference invited Beverly Simmons, Chair of Partners Driving STEM, the Flagship Initiative of Ten80 Foundation, to serve as a keynote speaker. Held in Beijing, China from July 17-19, 2017, the conference aimed to help educators gain a better understanding of the theory and best practices behind the maker and STEM movements and their impact on education.

Stepping up to the podium, Beverly welcomed an audience of nearly 500 school administrators from around the globe. Terri Stripling, President & CEO of Ten80 Education, joined Beverly and together they took the audience on the amazing journey through Ten80’s model of STEM education. Discussing learning as a collaborative and project-based effort, they helped the audience see STEM learning in a way they never had before.

The teacher engineer team shared various stories about American schools and their experiences with the National STEM League (NSL). Audience members learned about Ten80’s advanced concepts and excellent quality of educational resources which include an innovative learning environment with data driven design in both the classroom and through competition.

Using dynamic teamwork skills, students learn effective problem solving and leadership abilities to help them solve real-world problems. “Working closely together on hands-on projects, students develop into creative, critical thinkers – the very core of STEM education,” shared Beverly. NSL teachers and coaches build a broad field of vision, exchange experiences and see the results of Ten80’s comprehensive platform for STEM learning.

The dynamic duo encouraged the crowd to kick off the school year with renewed vigor. They emphasized the importance in providing ALL students with a strong education in the STEM disciplines – because after all – creative, agile problem-solvers are the key to global social, economic and technological prosperity.

Without a doubt, Ten80 invigorated and inspired these administrators to empower ALL students to thrive in a world of constant innovation.


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