Ten80 Never Gets Tired of Learning or Teaching Others

Posted August 30, 2017 by Toni Cerbo

July was a hive of activity as Ten80 Education embarked on an amazing journey to China. Strongly believing in the Chinese proverb – a nation’s treasure is in its scholars – SKT Education and Beijing Normal University brought Ten80 to Beijing to deliver a five-day professional development (PD) institute on STEM education.

The team consisted of Terri Stripling, President & CEO and Karlia Willis, Director of Training and Support along with Beverly Simmons, Chair of Partners Driving STEM, the Flagship Initiative of Ten80 Foundation. They worked together to enhance 50 Chinese educators’ knowledge of STEM education and project-based learning. Using model lessons, the team delivered cutting-edge teaching techniques promoting innovative thinking and deep conceptual learning.

Ten80 is the best STEM program I’ve ever experienced!
~ Zoeca

It wasn’t long before the team had their hands full navigating language and cultural barriers. But, with the help of SKT Education’s translators and PD facilitators, the Ten80 team quickly overcame these obstacles. Chinese educators from all levels – Elementary, Middle and High School and all academic disciplines – were ready, willing and able to embrace the learning techniques introduced.

The Chinese teachers not only wanted to explore data-driven design by using the racing storyline and sub-plots, but also to understand the research behind Ten80’s proven teaching methods. The educators enthusiasm was high. They worked hard, even throughout programming breaks. They had great focus, concentration and the unstoppable desire to fully understand and more importantly, to do well.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
~Chinese Proverb

“I loved the week I spent with Ten80 in Beijing; it was the best week of my summer,” shared Gladi, a facilitator with SKT Education. “I like how Ten80 uses hands-on activities to teach students. It makes me wonder – if I was taught by Ten80 when I was young, I might be an engineer today. This program provides so many opportunities and possibilities for students.”

Zoeca, a facilitator who coaches an academic team of students who compete in the US, had this to say: “It was a fantastic and valuable experience for me to be one of the facilitators at Ten80 Workshop in Beijing. I learned a lot from both our three coaches and all the educators involved. The workshop not only deepened my understanding of STEM, but also broadened my horizon, which will be very beneficial to my career as a trainer.”

Starting with ‘What is STEM?’ and ending with inquiry-based learning by applying the Student Racing Challenge curriculum, these 50 Chinese educators discovered how to best nurture their students’ innovative spirit. Ten80’s project-based, hands-on STEM instruction taught these educators to be creative, think critically, understand and embrace the process, habits of mind and techniques of good investigation practices (GIP) and good design practices (GDP).


Ten80 Founder Invited to Keynote STEM Conference

The excitement in China continued as Beverly Simmons, Ten80’s founding educator and one of STEMconnectors 100 Women Leader in STEM, gave a keynote speech at the inaugural MakerEdu Resource Developer Conference in Beijing, China. Terri Stripling joined Beverly and together they took the audience on the amazing journey through Ten80’s model of STEM education. The dynamic duo wowed the crowd while sharing the importance in providing ALL students with a strong education in the STEM disciplines. Read more about how Ten80 inspired an international audience in Beijing, China.

Ten80: Trailblazing the Way for the Next Generation of Chinese Students

“Our week long teaching experience in Beijing has given me a new understanding of how important it is for teachers to have a deep foundation in core math and science,” said Beverly. “Because Chinese teachers have this profound understanding of fundamental math and science (PUFM -Liping Ma) they were able to accelerate their understanding of project based STEM lessons though they had no prior experience in this form of teaching or learning.”

The two-week adventure in the land of the Great Wall confirmed Ten80’s incredible ability to transform how K-12 educators teach and students learn. Skilled at breaking down subject-matter silos, the team from Ten80 inspired all students, in this case the educators, to practice the process of innovation through exemplary STEM education. The knowledge and skills acquired will enable them to foster systems that cultivate deep conceptual learning and prepare their students to skillfully tackle challenges and innovate toward a sustainable and prosperous future for themselves, their communities and our global society.

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