Ten80 Atlanta Hub is Picking up STEAM

Posted January 15, 2019 by Toni Cerbo

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY., Jan. 15, 2019 – The partnership between Ten80 Education Inc. (Ten80) and STEAM Revolution will make huge strides towards the goals of ensuring fair and equitable STEM educational opportunities for students at all levels of the greater Atlanta area education system.

STEAM Revolution will serve as the Ten80 Hub Organizer to help Ten80 cultivate local resources to support students and educators in the greater Atlanta area. The Ten80 Atlanta Hub will be the center of activity for students and educators involved with Ten80 programs including the National STEM League (NSL) for grades 6-12, Driving STEM for Grades 3-5 and STEAMStart for grades K-2.

There will be a flurry of activity in Atlanta leading up to the nation’s biggest sporting event – The Super Bowl. Don’t miss all the fun the week prior to the big game. STEAM Revolution, in partnership with Next Steps Young Entrepreneur’s Program, is hosting the Community on Demand Technology Pavilion to foster students’ interest in STEM. During the week, Ten80 NSL Racing Teams will compete while STEAM Revolution presents interactive STEAM exhibits and demonstrates the Community on Demand Money Guide curriculum. All these exciting events aim to transform the raw creative talents of young adults into globally competitive digiforce revenue teams monetizing local and global entrepreneurial opportunities and creating digital 5G urban cities.

Ten80’s goal is to expand the number of students inspired to engage in STEM learning and to provide content and support to channel that inspiration into real academic and personal success. STEAM Revolution, an Atlanta-based 501c3, develops innovative partnerships to positively impact youth by connecting them to educational opportunities and careers within STEM. In partnership with STEAM Revolution, Ten80 strives to positively impact Atlanta’s economic development by bridging the gaps while improving and increasing STEM education in Atlanta.

 “Ten80 is excited to work with STEAM Revolution to provide an avenue for sharing STEM knowledge and experiences with youth,” said Terri Stripling, President and CEO of Ten80 Education. “This partnership will go far in building a strong hub of STEM activity in the Atlanta area and beyond.”

STEAM Revolution will be the leading resource for the Ten80 Atlanta Hub and will facilitate and foster relationships between the Ten80 NSL and schools, businesses, educators, parents, and students. Through this partnership, STEAM Revolution will help Ten80 provide new opportunities for students to participate in the NSL, educators to strengthen their skills to teach hands-on STEM and 21st Century skills in the classroom, and industry to mentor and support K-12 students, especially minority groups, girls, and students from low-income backgrounds.

“This partnership will change lives and unleash the talent of some of Atlanta’s most disadvantaged young people,” said Cory Henry, President and Founder of STEAM Revolution. “From design, coding and manufacturing to pitching and negotiating, we are determined that the skills developed in the NSL will open doors for these students.”

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About STEAM Revolution

STEAM Revolution, an Atlanta-based 501c3, develops innovative partnerships to positively impact youth by connecting them to educational opportunities and careers within STEM Our network is comprised of STEAM leaders and ambassadors whose programs, services and deliverables reflect the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.  These include: quality education, gender equality, good jobs and economic growth, industry innovation and infrastructure, and sustainable cities & communities.

To learn more about STEAM Revolution, please visit thesteamrevolution.com

About Ten80 Education

Ten80 is a team of STEM, education and business professionals dedicated to cultivating a STEM Ecosystem that unites and inspires the next generation of entrepreneurial thinkers and innovators, empowering all students to thrive in a world of constant innovation.

Ten80’s first engineer-educator teams formed in the late 1990’s to champion Project-Based learning through professional development. Over the last 20+ years, through NSF grants, longitudinal studies and K-12 educators, Ten80 has developed a comprehensive, data-driven philosophy and framework for STEM education that can engage and serve all students.

Today, Ten80 is a leader in STEM Education, named one of four Exemplary and Ready-to-Scale initiatives by Change the Equation and STEMWorks. K-12 schools, organizations and networks partner with Ten80 to initiate a comprehensive STEM system or strengthen existing programs through collaboration, curriculum and kick-offs and competition.

To learn more about Ten80, please visit Ten80Education.com.

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