2018-2019 Ten80 Points Race Winners!

Posted June 17, 2019 by Toni Cerbo

The Ten80 Points Race Competition runs from September 1st until May. Assignments include engineering, computer science, enterprise and innovation lessons, as well as placement points earned for participating in Invitationals.

This competition is a testament to your hard work, professionalism, and diligence to developing skills and knowledge in STEAM topics.

High School Points Race

1st BEAST XLR8 Chicago State NSBE Jr 5381
2nd 210 NITRO San Antonio City Wide NSBE Jr 4200
3rd Sky Rise Lightening Northland High School NSBE Jr 3523

Middle School Points Race

1st BEAST 4.0 Chicago State NSBE Jr 4834
2nd Calvert Cruisers
Next Generation
Leap Forward NSBE Jr CASH 3129
3rd Shen Horse Power Shenandoah Community Schools 2647

Have a Great Summer!

Congratulations to all for a great year and see you again September 1st!  Start your project planning and update your websites over the summer!

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