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Ten80 Education (Ten80) develops and publishes K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum, trains educators in the art of STEM and organizes events that motivate students to engage and learn over time. Ten80 is a team of education and STEM professionals who saw the need for a more integrated, interactive way of teaching science and mathematics back in the 1990’s. Today we embrace the term STEM as an opportunity to provide that new experience for students through problem and project-based learning … that doesn’t forget the learning.

Ten80’s primary goal is to inspire ALL students to engage in STEM learning because it is relevant to their lives and to provide content and support that channels that inspiration into real academic and emotional success in their chosen fields. STEM is not just for future engineers and technicians, it is an opportunity to help each individual cultivate the confidence that comes from knowing how to effectively answer the hard questions, skillfully tackle challenges and innovate toward a sustainable and prosperous future.

TEN80 = 1,080 = 3 x 360


Ten80’s logo is a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram uses circles or closed curves to illustrate the relationships among sets. Each closed curve is 360 degrees.

1080-Equals STEM

This “STEM” version of the logo defines engineering as the intersection of science, math and technology applied to a problem or opportunity.


This “Society” version represents a vision of society as the intersection of three spheres of influence: cultural, economic and political.



Ten80’s Elementary Education

1,080 school days = 6 years x 180 school days / year

There are 1,080 school days in a student’s first 6 years of formal education. That is 1,080 opportunities to lay a strong foundation in STEM and a deep love of learning.

Starting with the end in mind, the formal K-5 curriculum, summer camps and clubs deliver skills to meet the challenges of growing up in a high-tech, highly mathematical age. STEAMStart, MindBugs, Scaleville and Driving STEM build the conceptual understanding and problem solving skills necessary for success in higher grades and ultimately as a member of society based increasingly on STEM innovations.

Start a child’s education with a love of STEM subjects and learning.  Introduce the STEAMStart engineering design process as daily, weekly, camp, club, or long-range programming.  Storybooks, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, rubrics, resources, and webinars make STEAMStart easy to implement and fun to facilitate. Begin with a story that leads to an engineering and design challenge. Young children use core skills in aesthetically beautiful project-based learning. The design process and fabrication of scale models develops logical decision-making. Students build spatial awareness; use math skills in real world challenges; develop problem-solving tools; increase manual dexterity and focus on attention to detail. These projects may be completed in short 10-day modules or extended to deliver multi-week long-range projects.

Ten80’s Secondary Education

1,080 degrees = 3 ovals x 360 degrees / oval

The challenges and opportunities we face in building an even stronger, more prosperous and fair society are great. Ten80’s secondary programs are designed to help students become partners and leaders in that effort through team-oriented challenges organized around a process of innovation. Innovation, like any process, takes practice.

Curriculum: Student STEM Challenges can be your full 4-year STEM program, out-of-school club, summer camp and/or offer a single module that connects concepts in existing programs. The Student Racing, CompSci, Rover and Energy Challenges each address a different set of skills and concepts. Enterprise & Innovation facilitates community leadership, teamwork, project management, marketing and business modeling which are all central to the process of innovation.

Competition: The National STEM League drives collaboration, creativity and competition among students and teams through web-based and face-to-face events.

Sponsorships: Ten80’s STEM Innovators-in-Training Experiences are 1-day events that immerse students in the process of innovation. Thanks to the U.S. Army, high school students across the country are invited to attend a STEM Experience and if eligible, activate a full Student STEM Challenge sponsorship. Jump to the STEM TOUR page for details and this registration form to reserve your space.