TEAMMSS Toolkit from America Makes & Ten80

Ten80 & America Makes

TEAMMSS =Toolkit for Encouraging Additive Manufacturing in Middle School Students

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An Intro to Innovation through 3D Printing

Ten80 Education, in partnership with America Makes, has developed an introduction to 3D printing toolkit for middle school students. The Toolkit for Encouraging Additive Manufacturing for Middle School Students (TEAMMSS toolkit) is designed to emphasize growing opportunities in the additive manufacturing industry, and to assist educators in sharing these opportunities with middle school students as they explore their future coursework and career paths.

Ten80 believes that technology in classrooms is most valuable when it meets an obvious need. For 3D printing, this translates to designing activities that require students “PRINT WITH A PURPOSE”. Transforming a remote-controlled (RC) car to function autonomously requires custom parts, and making that car into the center of a team-based business enterprise requires customized features that reflect both enhanced functionality and branding.

With TEAMMSS, students practice being creative, solving problems systematically, and reaping the rewards of teamwork. This toolkit is a practical and purpose-driven exercise that combines these skills with tools of 3D technology, and includes a bonus dose of physical computing/coding.

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Download Digital Files

TEAMMSS Resources 1 of 2 (.zip)

TEAMMSS Resources 2 of 2 (.zip)

Included in these two .zip folders are:

  • Student Logbook
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Presentation
  • Additional Instructions
  • CAD US Sensor
  • CAD other parts
  • .hex file

Video Links

Links also embedded in the student slides.

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