Driving STEM Challenges

Students are introduced to math modeling and data-driven design through the excitement of racing. Students own a motorsports team that strives to engineer performance on track, in research & development (R&D) through Good Investigation Practices (GIP) and in the team’s “board room”.

Driving STEM students apply concepts and practice skills required in their science and math curriculum including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, data collection, graphing, problem solving, decimals, fractions, time, measurement, estimation and more!

Federally funded research within a Safe Schools, Healthy Students program has proven that Driving STEM (Formerly named Math2Go) significantly and positively impacts school attendance, subject retention, and testing scores.

Grades 3-4  ∫  Focus on Data-Driven Design

Students in Grades 3-4 build their team around a car that is easy to control so they gather reliable data which is at the core of data-driven decisions about how to optimize performance.  Project materials spur creativity as students engage in the data-driven design (DDD) cycle to tackle challenges.

Grades 4-6  ∫  National STEM League

Students in Grades 4-6 own a racing team (business) that strives to optimize performance of their car and their team.  They use a car that shares many modifications with the Student Racing Challenge car used by NSL teams.  Its training mode and easy-to-modify systems allow younger students to find success in learning problem-solving strategies, data-driven decision making and mechanical systems.

Driving STEM students are invited to collaborate and compete in the National STEM League through web-based points race and face-to-face events.  Read more about the National STEM League at this link.

Out-of-School Club  •  Summer Camp

Monthly STEM Challenge •  Forces & Motion Unit

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