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Ten80 Elementary - Dreams through STEM Education


Ten80 Elementary brings nationally recognized STEM curriculum developers, authors, engineers, designers, and technology companies together in planning programs that truly engage and educate young children.

From Kindergarten through grade 6, Ten80 Elementary curriculum delivers STEAM project-based programming with a purpose. As with all Ten80 Education materials, these kits, books, and supplementary materials are “project based learning that doesn’t forget the learning.”

  • Reinforce and challenge students.
  • Boost understanding of core subject content.
  • Introduce data based decision making.
  • Build a foundation for long range success in mathematics and problem solving. 


“Young children are fully capable of experiencing project based STEAM when presented with the right tools.”

– Jeannie Ruiz, Ten80 Co-Founder and Art of STEM CEO

Ten80 Elementary

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The following prices and products are for schools and organizations in the United States only. Offerings in other countries are customized regionally. (Please contact SKT Education in China.) Dismiss