Application for Additional Sponsored Materials, Form #3

Thanks to the U.S. Army for sponsoring the STEM Innovators-in-Training Tour and these program materials and curriculum for participating schools and organizations.

Schools and organizations that met the minimum requirements are pre-approved for the base sponsorship. Base materials and curriculum will be sent immediately upon receipt of the Sponsorship Form #1. If your school/org plans to implement your chosen Student STEM Challenge curriculum as a dedicated, full semester or year-long course which provides graduation credit to participants, you may apply to become an "associate partner" of Ten80 and receive "Additional Materials". These applications will be reviewed shortly after the submission deadline for your event.

IF APPROVED, this additional sponsorship will provide a set of materials for every five students up to 30 students (maximum 6 sets). As an associate partner, you pledge to share course materials with Ten80 including course agenda, standards alignment, pre- and post-assessment data and survey after completion of the first course.

To apply, complete Form #1, this Form #3 and upload the additional documentation.

School or Organization & Challenge Information

STEM Expo You Attended

Additional materials are only provided after the Expo. Email if you want to talk about your timeline and plans.

Sponsored Challenge

Racing ChallengeCompSci ChallengeInnovation Challenge

Course Plans

Additional Documentation

In addition to the narrative outlining course goals, objectives and audience that is submitted within Sponsorship Activation Forms 1 or 2, prepare and upload the following documentation to Ten80. If any item cannot be completed without the curriculum in hand, indicate this is so and provide the date by which it will be submitted.

Course Summary Provided for Graduation Credits

Course Standards Alignment

Course Agenda


You agree to collect information for and provide the following documentation once the course begins and ends.

Pre- and Post Assessment Results

Survey on Attitudes

Information on college and career paths of students who graduate the course

I pledge that this initiative has the full support of myself and our organization/school/site administration, represented by the person named below.

Please indicate the name and contact information for a school administrator or your principal.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Once you hit Submit, a green box should appear saying that your submission was successful. If not, check to make sure all fields are filled out. Incorrect fields will turn grey. Correct, and resubmit. Thanks!