Early Sponsorship Activation Form #2

Thanks to the U.S. Army for sponsoring the STEM Innovators-in-Training Tour and these program materials and curriculum for participating schools and organizations.

Use this Form #2 if you are requesting sponsored materials and curriculum BEFORE attending the STEM Expo. Complete the Expo Registration form as well.

The base sponsorship provides a 2-Car Base Kit, 2-Rover Base kit, 6-CompSci Station Kit or entry into all four phases of the Innovators-in-Training Challenge.

If applying for additional materials to use in an accredited course, complete this form #2, form #3 and the course materials listed on form #3. Additional materials will not be delivered until after the Expo.

School/Organization Information

2016 STEM Expo You Will Attend

Return to the Registration form page if you already attended an Expo. This form is only for organizations seeking their materials before the Fall 2016 events (only future events are shown in the dropdown).

Main Coach/Chaperone Information

NSL Challenge and Registration

Choose ONE Student STEM Challenge and provide information to register your teams. Details on what is included with each challenge are provided on the Activate Sponsorship flyer. To add additional materials and teams not covered by this sponsorship, refer to the catalog.

Considering CompSci or Rover? If you have not done coding with open-source hardware and software such as the Arduino then you need to start with CompSci. Ask us if you're unsure.

Choose your sponsored Challenge:

Racing ChallengeCompSci ChallengeRover ChallengeInnovation Challenge

The sponsorship provides materials and registration for up to two teams. However, you may choose to use both sets of materials to support only one team. Indicate your choice below.

One TeamTwo Teams

Implementation Plan: Summary and Description Paragraph

Type of Program:

Summer CampOut of School ClubCredit CourseSupplemental

Showcase Plans

If your students will have been exposed to the curriculum and competition before the Expo, it is strongly suggested that you become a "Showcase Team," which means that you will share some aspect of the work or planning you've done. Indicate below which one or more activities you will showcase at the Expo. Also be sure to indicate your wish to be a Showcase Team on the Expo Registration form.

Team Identity Design. Include logo, use guidelines, and sample products (not just logo).

30-Second Elevator Speech. May be shared with audience.

Team Marketing Brochure or Flyer. Bring 20+ copies to share with audience.

Team Project Plan. Bring 20+ copies to share with audience or visual display.

Terms of Sponsorship

This form constitutes an agreement between the organization/school/site named above and 1080 Education Inc. (Ten80), the developer, organizer and owner of the National STEM League (NSL). As a recipient of the 2016 sponsorship of Ten80 programs provided by the U.S. Army, our organization/school/site named in this application commits to the following:

Bringing 40 or more students to the Ten80 STEM Expo indicated at the top of this application.

Bringing a team of five or more students to the Open Invitational in the Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. Date and Venue TBD.

Supporting a team(s) of students who will participate in Ten80's National STEM League, beginning on the date entered earlier in this document and culminating in the spring 2017 Open Invitational. Details are provided in the Implementation Plan we have described on the attached page.

Participating in teacher training that includes (1) self-paced resources at Ten80's curriculum website hosted by Moodle, (2) participating in a 60 to 90 minute webinar upon receipt of materials and curriculum, and (3) participating in a one day face-to-face training if offered locally.

Inviting representatives from our sponsor to interact with our team as appropriate.

In good faith, evaluating the feasibility of a school-wide or grade-level assembly to receive the sponsored materials and curriculum and to give thanks to our partners and sponsors.

In good faith, supporting our students by seeking additional support for them, such as mentors, materials and additional travel expenses as required.

We understand that this sponsorship greatly reduces expenses associated with implementing a project-based curriculum and becoming part of a vibrant STEM initiative. It cannot, however, cover all expenses such as auxiliary materials, uniforms, banners, and travel should we choose to participate in local, regional and national activities beyond those committed to in this sponsorship.

Please indicate the name and contact information for a school administrator or your principal.

I pledge that this initiative has the full support of myself and our organization/school/site administration, represented by the person named below.

Terms of Use

Check each box to indicate that all teachers/mentors, sponsors and administrators have read, understand, and agree to each statement.

All participants competing in the National STEM League will comply fully with the current Rules and Guidelines as published and made available at Ten80's curriculum website, hosted by Moodle.

Anyone using materials provided in a Ten80 kit will ensure that an adult who is pre-approved by the school or organization as a guardian will be represent and be responsible for activities and actions that occur during any Ten80 Education sanctioned or non-sanctioned events such as classes, clubs, races, practices or meetings.

If the teacher or coach changes, the team will ensure that a change notice is submitted to Ten80 Education, in writing, by emailing support@ten80education.com.

Any and all expenses incurred in the implementation of Ten80 programs or participation in Ten80 events shall be the sole expense and responsibility of the school or organization listed on this form. 1080 Education Inc. and partners are not to be held liable in any way.

Ten80 and partners are permitted to modify, share and use team submissions, giving credit to the team that originated the content.

Ten80 is permitted to reuse photos, videos and other content shared with Ten80 via the National STEM League competition website, Ten80's web and social media sites.

Students, educators, parents and sponsors will hold harmless 1080 Education Inc. (Ten80) as well as any Sponsor or Agent of Ten80.

All participants will adhere to the copyright and trademark protections for all curriculum materials, images and other resources provided by Ten80 and partners.

By including my name and today's date below and clicking Submit, I pledge that as the primary contact person I have the consent and support of my organization/school/site's administration, and that I myself commit to the above Terms of Sponsorship and Terms of Use.


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