STEM Expo “Innovators” Challenge



Innovators-in-Training teams will win $3,000!

Pitch winner = $1000, Plan winner = $1000, Propose winner = $1,000


Fall Deadline for PITCH, PLAN & PROPOSE Entries

December 2015 (details TBA)


Thanks to the U.S. Army for
its leadership and sponsorship.

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Why should YOUR STUDENT TEAM participate?

Download an Overview Flyer for Students

Have ideas and want someone to listen? We want to hear your ideas. Want to help improve life in your community? We want to help you be a successful and innovative member of society.  Innovation takes practice. So let’s get started!

In summary, the first three of four phases of the Innovators-in-Training Challenge are open to all teams that have at least one Ten80 STEM Expo participant or one member of a registered National STEM League team.  The first three phases – Pitch, Plan & Propose –  are about ideas, creativity and some discipline.  They do not require that you have funds and support to implement your proposed project.  That is the fourth phase, Implement & Evaluate.

As Ten80 STEM Expo participants or partners in education, you are invited to enter into the first PITCH phase or all three of them. One winner from each phase will win $1,000. The overall winner will earn $3,000 and connection with mentors to help continue working on the proposed ideas.

Thanks to the U.S. Army
for its leadership and its sponsorship.

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How do EDUCATORS benefit by supporting it?

Download Information for Educators and Mentors

This document provides answers to these questions:

  • Why encourage students to participate in the Innovators-in-Training Challenge?
  • We plan on implementing a Student STEM Challenge this year.  How does this fit in?

To PARTICIPATE, use the Login provided to you.

Download resources and upload submissions at this super secret link.

The password is emailed to all lead chaperones from schools and organizations that participate in a Ten80 STEM Expo or STEMFest.  If you do not have a login but are eligible to participate, contact Ten80.


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