Mobile Make Station

Innovation Station 3D

Don’t Just Make. Make with Purpose.

Provide a foundation in critical thinking, current technology and engineering-design skills. The Innovation Station offers a unique combination of storytelling by real authors, interactive assemblies, media center stations, and follow-up curriculum.

Adults and students conceptualize, design, model, and print in 3D!

Encourage active participation in the design process from the first spark of an idea to its final production. Teaching the design process makes math and science useful to a kid’s everyday context. 3D Printers are finally affordable enough to bring technology used by real companies to solve real problems into the classroom.

3D printing may be a child’s first real-world opportunity to interact with engineering. Deliver an exciting jump start to your STEAM program with Innovation Station 3D©.

While 3D Printing may be obsolete when these kids reach the 2030 job market, the lesson

s they learn about design and innovation will last a lifetime.

3D Innovation Station


Become the Hub for Innovation

with Mobile Make Stations.

Use the “STEAM Tales” and “Flip. Slide. Turn. Draw.” curriculum to build a foundation in perspective, critical thinking, and engineering-design skills.

Turn 2D concepts, drawings, and designs into testable 3D scale models with reusable tabletop building materials. Then create testable scale models using simple materials like tape and paper.