Innovators-in-Training Challenge: 6 Series

Eligible middle and high school students can enter into six different series, each judged independently. Other than the eOrigami category, each series rewards students and teams for the creativity and determination behind invention and for the planning, communicating and general enterprising at the core of innovation.  For details on eligibility, visit the main Challenge page.

Click on each series for EVEN more extremely helpful info.  The password is provided at the event or emailed to your lead mentor/educator upon request. If you do not have a login but are eligible to participate, contact Ten80.

Click HERE to Submit your Entries.

Deadline is Jan. 31, 2018.

Visual Computer Program (VCP)

Design a custom visual computer program in Processing. Also create a video tutorial and share the flowchart and code behind your program. Prize for exemplary submissions is an Into to CompSci project kit (Arduino based). 1st place earns the kit + $250 for additional gear.


Design a custom eOrigami design. Unlike the other series, this one is judged solely on the product. Submit the template so we can recreate your design and a video of it working. Prize for exemplary submissions is a Large eOrigami kit. 1st place also earns a Wearables kit (Arduino based).

Community Leadership

Apply leadership to help tackle a problem in a community you care about. Create a media presentation (video, Powerpoint, etc.) about the work you do and an action plan for how you’d use the $1,000 prize to continue the work. Prize for exemplary submissions is $100 toward the effort. 1st place earns $1,000 to continue the effort or expand it.

Student Racing Challenge Team Charter

Why do you want to own a racing team and compete in the National STEM League? Tell us in a 30-second pitch and share your team goals and preliminary plans via a team charter (format provided). Exemplary submissions win a 1-Car Student Racing Challenge kit. 1st place earns a 2-Car kit.

Ten80 STEMFestInnovation Pitch, Plan, Propose & Prototype

These are four steps that real startup companies and project leaders use. Pitch an idea to get support, generate a plan & make a proposal to earn MORE support for the prototype and ultimately production phase. Use the workbook or full Enterprise & Innovation curriculum as a guide (open this page to get them!). Pitch, Plan & Propose phases (includes a rudimentary prototype) are due May 10, 2017. 1st place earns $1,000 toward the project.


“Game Design for Good”

Design a table-top or digital game concept and prototype. Also create an action plan for how you’d use the $1,000 prize to put your concept into action. Prize, provided by Learn Fresh, is $1,000 to put your game plan into action. Learn Fresh will mentor students with best pitches from the STEM Innovators-in-Training CODE workshops.