STEM Innovators-in-Training Tour

Innovation Takes Practice. Let’s Get Started Together.

Thanks to sponsorship from the United States Army, for six years there as been NO cost to attend.

Participating schools that met minimum requirements received free STEM curriculum, materials and training.  Lunch was provided to every participant and volunteer.


1-Day Innovators-in-Training Challenge

Join Ten80’s team of STEM professionals, regional leaders and professionals in a one-day version of the STEM Innovators-in-Training Challenge.

On event day, students attend two workshops in the pathway they choose.  Workshops focus on content & skills related to one or more of the three critical aspects of innovation: the engineering process, enterprise process and leadership.

All students that attend the Experience are invited to continue working on their ideas through the Student Innovators-in-Training Challenge.  Students earn prizes tailored to each challenge such as mentoring and/or cash awards to work on their ideas.

This event is designed for high school students and geared towards upperclassmen.

Contact us to talk about partnering, hosting or attending.

The minimum number of students per organization is five (5).

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The following prices and products are for schools and organizations in the United States only. Offerings in other countries are customized regionally. (Please contact SKT Education in China.) Dismiss