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STEM Summer Camp Curriculum

Download a Flyer for Elementary STEAM (K-2)Summer Camps.

Download a Flyer for Elementary DRIVING STEM (3-6) Summer Camps.

Download a Flyer for Middle and High School STEM Summer Camps.

Engage students in design and engineering challenges that show them just how fun and relevant science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is to their world.  Ten80 summer camps are an effective tool for recruiting students into STEM schools and programs during the school year.  The non-consumable kits can be used during the school year for courses or clubs and to compete in the National Challenge League.

In each of these camps, with exception of STEMStart, participants use technology and apply science and math to maximize challenge scores. How teams optimize performance depends on your available technology and educational goals.

Elementary Camps Middle & High School Camps
STEAMStart (K-2) Student Racing Challenge
Driving STEM (3-5) Student CompSci & Rover Challenge
Student Energy Challenge

What’s Included?

These camp programs are shortened versions of the full course or club curriculum, offering 30-contact hours of activity on average.  The print pack is designed for a 5-day format but can easily be modified to fit other schedules.  For example, another common application is to meet 90-minutes per day over a month.

Camp packs include:

  • Live 90 minute web-based training and support through 24-hour forums, email and phone.
  • Non-consumable materials. You should plan for some replacement materials in years 2+.
  • Print pack includes teacher guide, one activity guide for every team of four and one logbook for every student.
  • License to run one camp which includes access to online resources.  Additional license is only $25 per camper which includes a new print pack for 20 or more campers.

STEM Summer Camp Curriculum Image

STEM Summer Camp Curriculum - Middle Schooler

STEM Summer Camp Curriculum - High Schoolers