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1 or 2-Semester Intro to Computer Science
Course • STEM Endorsement Course

Ten80’s Computer Science curriculum (CS-1A, 1B) bridges engineering design and computer science with business modeling and real world applications. In the Student CompSci Challenge (CS-1A), students develop problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

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1 or 2-Semester Intro to Engineering Course •
STEM Endorsement Course •
Summer Camp • Out-of-School Club 

Own a tech business. Engineer a fast, efficient and stable car to perform on road, oval and drag courses. The base technology is a 1:10 scale, electric radio-controlled car that has over 4 million setup options … before re-designing a single part!

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Turn any project or operation
into a STEM Innovation Enterprise.

Everyone has the capacity to contribute to or lead the process of innovation. Combine the engineering process, enterprise process, content and skills to do something no one else is doing.

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K-2 STEM Education

Start a child’s education with a love of STEM subjects and learning. Introduce the STEAMStart engineering design process as daily, weekly, camp, club, or long-range programming.

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  • Educators in Beijing China using #teamwork as they #innovate at the #WeRTen80 professional development sessions. https://t.co/O3VGZSmTqM

    3 days ago
  • Practicing GIP = good documentation practice while playing with reverse engineering at the China PD sessions.… https://t.co/PRvDbhtw1s

    3 days ago
  • Exploring #enterprise and #innovation at the #WeRTen80 PD Institute in Beijing China. https://t.co/INsKT52gOf

    3 days ago
  • #WeRTen80 and a few of our new friends in China talking assessment in #STEM. https://t.co/GN7I2ZpSU9

    3 days ago