Student Energy Challenge

Student Energy Challenge


Ultimate Goal

Evaluate an energy-related issue and engineer a solution with a balanced energy budget.  As with all Student STEM Challenges, results are evaluated on the A-B-C-D’s: A = Analysis and Evaluation, B = Broader Impacts, C = Creativity and D = Data and Documentation.

Challenge Flyer

Download the ENERGY Flyer.

Curriculum Overview

The Energy Turnkey kit and curriculum is implemented as a 6 – 10 week unit (45 -90 minutes per day), summer camp (30 contact units) and/or individual 2-6 week projects. What is unique about Ten80’s approach to instruction in the ‘green energy’ space?  Students that successfully complete the curriculum understand the fundamentals of energy, electricity and how it translates into motion.  As much time is spent on these underlying principles of energy systems as on the variables involved in energy generation. The curriculum focuses on solar energy, wind energy and hydrogen fuel cells.

National STEM League

All three  National STEM League series include an Energy category.  Student Racing, Rover and Innovator-in-Training Challenge teams earn points online and at face-to-face events for enhancing their energy systems.  Points awarded are based on the A-B-C-D’s: A = Analysis and Evaluation, B = Broader Impacts, C = Creativity and D = Data and Documentation.  Click here for more information

Available Formats

All programs are fully aligned to the Common Core and NGSS frameworks.

  • Projects in Renewable Energy
  • Summer Camp
  • Apply to your Student Racing and Rover Challenge teams  to earn points in the Energy category

The following prices and products are for schools and organizations in the United States only. Offerings in other countries are customized regionally. (Please contact SKT Education in China.) Dismiss