STEAMStart for K-2

STEM for K-2: STEAMStart

Cultivate a love of problem-solving and numbers from the very start.

There are eight STEAMStart units (additional units are under development). In each unit, students help the story’s main character through five STEAMvestigations and ultimately through a final unit challenge using the engineering design process.

The design process and fabrication of scale models develops logical decision-making. Students build spatial awareness, use math skills in real world challenges, develop problem-solving tools, increase manual dexterity and focus on attention to detail.  All materials are correlated to Common Core Language Arts, Common Core Mathematics, and Next Generation Science Standards.

Introduce the STEAMStart engineering design process as daily, weekly, camp, club, or long-range programming.  Use the modules to customize your program to start and finish in 10 days or run over the entire school year.  Storybooks, teacher guides, handouts, assessments, rubrics, resources, and webinars make STEAMStart easy to implement and fun to facilitate.

STEM for K-2

10 Day Units for the K-2 Classroom, Camp, After School, or STEAM Club

Combine all Units to deliver long range, multi-year programs.

STEAM project: You read the stories. They provide the solutions.

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